How To Deal With Negative News Stories

You know that high-flying place you find yourself when something great is happening in your life and things are going well. Now, remember the times you heard something terrible on the news. Hearing negative press and negative stories affect our stress levels big time. Besides ruining your overall mood in the short term, it has a more negative long-term effect. Individuals who are exposed to negative stories in which nothing can be done to help can lose their sense of control and purpose in life. Negative news stories are precisely that: adverse events for which nothing can be done. A person who is usually very proactive and problem-solving in their regular life might feel they lose a part of their sense of purpose and hope for the future after watching something negative. While the media projects negative stories on a daily basis and individuals tend to amplify adverse situations, you can learn to steer clear of this influence, and live your life to the fullest without being affected.

Disconnect From The Media


The media is the main source of negativity from overblown negative events. In fact, the content in the media has little to do with real life where negative and positive events are balanced. Individuals who watch media are more prone to feel helpless, and thus it is a good idea to disconnect from the media as much as possible. There is no practicality in watching stories about things that cannot be changed. Not listening to the negative news is not being ignorant. It is being responsible for the things you can do and not waste your precious time, energy, and mental health on things you cannot change. Focus on the things you can do in our own life instead.

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HealthPrep Staff