Amazing Options For Treating Asperger’s Syndrome

Social Skills Training

Regina Speech Centre

Individuals with Asperger’s syndrome need a lot of social guidance, and the best way to develop their social skills is to expose them to many types of individuals and environments. They can learn more about what is socially appropriate in daycares, schools, camps, and clubs. Parents can set up play dates and get-togethers with other kids regularly, and can also observe what their child needs help with and work on it with them. For example, if their child has trouble making eye contact with others, parents can teach them concrete skills with instructions and prompts before they interact with others. Every child learns differently, even when Asperger’s syndrome is not present, so it is important to be patient when teaching them social skills. When individuals with Asperger’s syndrome receive social skills training, they can benefit in many ways, including learning how to handle winning and losing, as well as how to read facial expressions.

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