Warning Signs Of Smiling Depression

Lethargy Or Fatigue


Tiredness is a common sign of depression. It is associated with the individual feeling too exhausted to get out of bed to attend work or partake in everyday life. Lethargy or fatigue often presents differently in someone with smiling depression. This individual in question may even be an overachiever, seeming to have boundless amounts of energy and excel in all areas of life. However, when they are alone, exhaustion takes over. If someone suffering from smiling depression has significant time to spend alone, that time may be spent asleep.

This symptom shows a clear link between depression and perfectionism. Those suffering from smiling depression often balance their self-esteem on perfection. Fatigue may feel like weakness and cause rebound depression. Visual cues of this symptom may occur when the person shows difficulty completing everyday tasks or changes in their appearance as exhaustion can cause cognitive tasks to become difficult and basic hygiene too much of an effort.

Reveal how smiling depression can affect one’s sleeping patterns now.

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