Symptoms Of Histrionic Personality Disorder

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder (HPD) are known to experience unstable, dramatic emotions. They also have distorted self-images, and rely on the approval of others for their feelings of self-worth. For this reason, they seek to gain attention in inappropriately dramatic ways. More women have this disorder than men, and the symptoms occur during the teen years or by the time the patient is in early adulthood. Also, an individual with histrionic personality disorder has excellent social skills. Unfortunately, these skills are used to bring attention to themselves, sometimes in very negative ways. To be diagnosed with the disorder, a teen or young adult has to display specific symptoms for a year or more.

Uncomfortable When Not The Center Of Attention


Histrionic personality disorder patients need to be the focus of attention at all times. This need is a long-standing one with them. They remain uncomfortable when they are not the center of attention of the individual or group with whom they are socializing. They can be interesting and lively, but become more challenging to deal with when they aren’t the center of attention. One of the many ways individuals with histrionic personality disorder may get attention is by being sexually provocative in ways that draw attention to them. They don’t always think about whether this behavior is appropriate at the time, nor do they feel concern about the consequences of their actions so long as they receive the attention they seek. A person with this condition can and will go as far as to attempt suicide for attention.

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