How To Treat Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a condition that can severely impair an individual's abilities in life. Diagnosable in early childhood, it can be discerned from troubles with fine motor skills, speaking, and following instructions. Those who have dyspraxia can find themselves struggling to keep up in a classroom environment. As they grow up, they might find themselves to be overwhelmed in their work life. One in ten individuals has dyspraxia to some extent. While it's more commonly diagnosed in boys, girls also have the potential to have this condition. It cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed. Here are some ways to treat dyspraxia.

Occupational Therapy


With occupational therapy, a professional observes how a person with dyspraxia performs certain tasks. These are common ones that make use of one's fine motor skills. Since patients with dyspraxia might have difficulty with keeping their handwriting clear or tying their shoes with a sustainable knot, occupational therapists are on hand to guide them. They'll work with them to find what parts of each process are the most difficult. For many individuals with dyspraxia, frustration can get the best of them when trying to perform basic tasks. Quality occupational therapists make a point of helping their patients understand there is no hurry for them to master anything.

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HealthPrep Staff