Triggers For A Nervous Breakdown

Chronic Stress


Short periods of stress are a normal and even healthy part of everyday life. In moderation, stress can help keep individuals motivated, engaged, and interested in the world around them. But if individuals are experiencing constant stress without relief, they’ll also experience serious health consequences that could include a nervous breakdown. Chronic stress is long-lasting stress that causes an individual to exist in a constant state of alertness. Those experiencing chronic stress might feel like they have no ‘off switch’. Some of the most common causes of chronic stress are tumultuous home environments, problems in relationships, financial troubles, and highly demanding and pressurized jobs. Individuals experiencing chronic stress have greater amounts of pressure on their bodies, which can lead to a variety of physical symptoms. Symptom severity and presentation vary widely. Some common symptoms of chronic stress are trouble concentrating, rapid thoughts, headaches, fatigue, extreme irritability, insomnia, trouble with digestion, appetite changes, low self-esteem, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness.

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