Types Of Workplace Bullies To Look Out For

The Two-Faced One


We’ve all met The Two-Faced One. They lurk in breakrooms and cubicles across the country, and they hide their true intentions behind a deceptive and inviting smile, which is precisely what makes them so dangerous. Their secret weapon is to lure you in, make you feel comfortable, and then strike the minute you let your guard down.

How do they do it? Some simply wait to receive a juicy tidbit of gossip to share with other coworkers that was provided in confidence. These coworkers often don’t premeditate their deeds, but their indiscretions make them impossible to trust.

The real two-faced snakes to be aware of are the ones actively seeking to sabotage others. Just some of the motivators for their actions include destroying your reputation to get ahead in the company, taking credit for your hard work to cover up their laziness, and taking things out of context to take attention off their own problems. The two-faced colleague is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so beware. They’ll pretend to be your friend, but once they’ve gotten in, they can cause severe damage to your career and reputation.

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