Warning Signs And Complications Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Pattern Of Intense And Unstable Relationship


Borderline personality disorder patients tend to have a pattern of intense, unstable relationships with others. One intense relationship isn’t enough to make for a diagnosis. However, if an individual’s relationships tend to become unstable and fragmented regardless of who the other party is, it may be partially caused by the individual’s unhealthy approach to relationships. Individuals with borderline personality disorder can sometimes look for validation and happiness in others, believing themselves incapable of validating themselves or being happy on their own. They may become excessively attached to others and idealize them. When the individual they are attached to makes a mistake or fails to live up to expectations, this leads to a fracturing of the relationship and turbulent conflict. Conversely, if the other party decides to break off the relationship because they’re too emotionally drained, this can cause a borderline personality disorder patient to experience intense feelings of self-loathing and unhappiness.

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