Signs Of Wisdom Tooth Impaction

Wisdom teeth, which typically come in a set of four with two at the top of the mouth and two at the bottom, are the last ones to erupt in a person’s mouth. However, when wisdom teeth are impacted, they can cause pain as well as damage to the other teeth in the mouth, and can even lead to dental problems. Impacted wisdom teeth are otherwise known as the third molars found in the back part of the mouth. When they are impacted, they do not have the sufficient room for them to develop correctly or even to emerge as they should. Many dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth when they become impacted, even if they do not show any symptoms, because it can help to prevent future problems. Start reading now to learn about the signs of wisdom teeth impaction.

Red And Swollen Gums


Red and swollen gums can be a result of gum infections, which can come with an impacted wisdom tooth. They occur because the tooth may begin to break through the gum line. This ultimately allows the bacteria to seep through the opening the tooth creates and sets the stage for a full-fledged gum infection. When the tissue sitting atop the affected tooth becomes infected, it’s called pericoronitis. Pericoronitis can occur in areas located close to the neck and can eventually spread to cause life-threatening infections. Given how serious these infections can be, it is best to remove impacted wisdom teeth as soon as possible to prevent infection from starting or spreading.

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