11 Must-Reads If You’re In A New Relationship

Being a new relationship can feel exhilarating. Suddenly, everything seems to taste better, colors are brighter, strangers are nicer and your energy level peaks to heights you wish were normal for you. Hanging onto that new romance though can be a different story. To help prevent the usual crash and burn of the new relationship, take the time to read these essential books and gain the skills you need to master a relationship for love that endures.

The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts By Gary Chapman

Speaking in your partner's love language will bring you closer together. Learn the main love language of your partner and make sure to speak in their language on a daily basis. The five languages include receiving gifts (find out what types of 'gifts' your partner likes to receive, it is the intention behind the gift that is valued by the receiver), acts of service (take initiative to help relieve your partner of some of his/her burdens), physical touch (give a hug, reassuring squeeze), words of affirmation (be free with sincere compliments) and quality time (make yourself available to your partner). Most people tend to speak in one of these love languages more than the others so speaking in your partner's preferred language will have more impact.