Complicated Terms For 10 Minor Illnesses

To make something sound more complicated than it is – use medical terminology. With Latin beginnings, medical terms are pretty much a language all its own. The good news is the conditions may not be as severe as they sound.

10. Onychocryptosis

Ingrown toenail after surgery
 © Adam88x | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Pronounced as “oh knee coh crypt oh sis”. Commonly known as an ingrown toenail. This is one of the most common forms of nail disease. The nail literally grows into the toe. It is a painful condition usually caused by wearing tight shoes. In fact, it only occurs in shoe wearers.

It is not just the growth of the toenail that is an issue. The skin around the toenail can grow over the nail causing the same pain. Eventually, infection and inflammation set in. Any pressure against the toe can cause pain; even the weight of socks or bed sheets. The treatment is to catch it early. Groom in a way that gives room to the nail. Treatments range from foot baths to surgically removing part of the nail.