Serious Problems That Sore Feet Can Indicate

Your feet are complex in their anatomical structure and sensitive to health problems that occur in the body and can reveal numerous hidden health problems. Your feet in a sense are the window to what’s going on with your body. Often neglected, you may tend to ignore the signs of pain you experience in your feet. Major changes with your foot comfort can be an indication that there is a much larger health issue at hand. Here are some of the problems that are associated with sore feet.

Foot Cramping

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Foot cramping occurs when a muscle in the foot suddenly squeezes and cannot relax properly, and can be quite painful. Although generally harmless, foot cramps can also be a major indicator of various health issues as well. It can indicate a smaller issue such as you’re dehydrated and lacking nutrition in the body, such as abnormal levels of electrolytes or minerals. Bigger issues can include nerve and circulation problems including a lack of blood flow to the feet or more significant neurological conditions such as Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, dystonia, and Huntington disease. Try consuming more potassium, magnesium, calcium, and water to help the body get more essential nutrients that can help relieve cramping. To relieve the cramps, take a foot bath and stretch the toes toward your nose. If the cramping persists, see a doctor to ensure you’re not suffering from nerve damage, poor circulation, or another serious health condition.

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