Best Lower Back Stretches For Pain

Hip Flexor Stretch


Tight hip flexors can lead to daytime walking pain and make it hard to sleep. Long-term bouts of tight hip flexors can lead to chronic lower back pain and may limit an individual’s ability to move quickly if needed. Luckily, there are several positions from which individuals can enjoy a good hip flexor stretch.

Individuals should start with their quadriceps, as tight hip flexors can put excess strain on the muscles at the front of the thigh. They then stand on their left leg and lift their right heel to their right buttock. Individuals can deepen this stretch by placing their left hand forward and pulling their right foot forward. If individuals need to hold onto something to help them balance, they should feel free to do so.

Individuals can also stretch their hip flexors by lunging. This means placing their right foot in front of their left and bending their right leg until they feel a stretch in your left hip. Patients can also start in a kneeling position, bend their right knee at a ninety-degree angle and lean into their right foot to stretch their left hip.

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