Best Lower Back Stretches For Pain

Lower-Back Twist

Yoga For Healthy Aging

The lower-back twist also requires patients to start on their back with their feet flat on the floor and their knees up. This is an excellent final stretch as it deeply extends the muscles in the lower back. To do this stretch successfully, patients should work very slowly. If they feel any pain in the twist, they should stop. If the individual can, they should allow their legs to lower to the floor to the side while their shoulders stay on the mat. Patients can start with their hands in the cactus position. This is where the arms are extended straight from the shoulders at ninety degrees from the body, then bent at the elbows to place the hands beside the head. Individuals can also do this stretch with their hands at their sides.

If patients find it easy to stretch and hold the full twist, they can increase the stretch by crossing their right foot over their left knee and lowering the left to the floor to the right side of their body. Again, patients must work slowly and stop if they experience pain.

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