What Causes Elbow Pain?

Tennis Elbow


Tennis elbow is a condition that develops when elbow tendons become overloaded and is most commonly caused by repetitive motions in the arm and wrist. The medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. Though the condition is best known for being caused by tennis, there are many reasons individuals may develop it. Butchers, carpenters, painters, and plumbers all do jobs that involve the same kinds of repetitive motions that lead to tennis elbow. Elbow pain with this condition usually occurs where forearm tendons attach to the bony bump found outside the elbow. Depending on the case, the pain can move into the individual’s wrist and forearm. Over-the-counter pain medicine and rest can help relieve the pain from tennis elbow. If these treatments aren’t helpful, or if a patient’s symptoms are severe enough that they cause disability, surgery may be necessary. The weakness and pain associated with this condition may make individuals have trouble with holding a coffee cup, turning doorknobs, gripping objects, and shaking hands.

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