What Causes Pain In The Right Side Of The Chest?

Anxiety Or Stress


Anxiety is a disorder characterized by overwhelming feelings of nervousness, fear, and worry. While feelings of nervousness, fear, and worry are normal in certain situations, it is not normal for these feelings to be frequent and persistent. Anxiety can evolve to the point where it begins to manifest as physical reactions in an affected in the body. These reactions may include increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, increased blood pressure, and increased sweating. The anxiety that produces these physical reactions too frequently can increase the risk of heart problems. Stress is the feeling of physical or emotional tension that may have been triggered by certain events or environmental factors. Stress is a good reaction in situations where danger is present, but too much stress can be detrimental to an individual’s health. Stress produces the same physical reactions as anxiety, and such changes in the body can cause an individual to experience right-sided chest pain.

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