Guide To The Common Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain can cause individuals to miss work, and it's one of the most prevalent reasons they schedule doctor's appointments. Various forms of back pain cause disability all over the world. The majority of individuals experience some kind of back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is often caused by muscle issues, problems with the spine, or injuries. It's possible to take measures that relieve or prevent episodes of back pain. In the majority of cases, at-home treatment can help ease back pain. Only in rare cases is surgery necessary to treat it. If individuals are experiencing chronic back pain, they should see a doctor to make sure there's not a more serious underlying condition that needs to be diagnosed.

Ligament Or Muscle Strain


A ligament or muscle strain is liable to cause pain in an individual's back. The location of the pain will vary depending on the muscle or ligament that was strained. Muscle strains usually occur due to overuse or overstretching of the back muscles. If individuals work a job that requires them to perform repetitive heavy lifting, they're at a higher risk of straining muscles in their back. Individuals in poor physical shape can easily strain their backs if they spend a day or two doing a project involving heavy lifting. This might be moving from one place to another, moving furniture, or picking up any kind of heavy boxes. Constant back strain can lead to painful muscle spasms. The more unused to activity an individual's muscles are, the easier it is to overtax them. Individuals moving their back awkwardly can also lead to strain on their muscles. Individuals might stretch and twist strangely, or they might accidentally sleep with their back or neck at an uncomfortable angle. Muscle and ligament strains can typically be treated at home with rest and ice.

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Katherine MacAulay