How To Effectively Prevent And Treat Hip Pain

Cold Or Hot Compresses


Using cold or hot compresses can help relieve certain kinds of hip pain. Sometimes both kinds of compresses are helpful if individuals cycle them appropriately. A heating pad or other warm compress will be effective for soothing tired muscles and stiff joints, as heat increases overall circulation. When an individual’s circulatory system is functioning better, their red blood cells are better able to deliver oxygen and nutrients to their muscles and joints. If individuals want to prevent an overuse injury in their hips, they can use warm compresses to loosen up their body and prepare it for more intense activity. Cold has the opposite effect, so it’s better for stronger and more acute pain. Cold causes blood vessels to constrict, which slows the circulatory process and reduces swelling. Since cold also numbs the nerve endings around the injury, it’s good for dulling sharp and throbbing pain.

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