Strategies For Treating And Preventing A Ruptured Spleen

Avoid Heaving Lifting


Heavy lifting may cause trauma to the spleen that could result in a rupture. Patients at a higher risk of developing a ruptured spleen should pay particular attention to this. In particular, patients should avoid lifting more than twenty pounds, and they should ask for help when lifting items. To move items, patients could consider using a cart or pulley system. If a patient experiences any pain in the upper left side of their abdomen after lifting an item, especially if the abdomen is tender to the touch, he or she should visit the doctor promptly. Patients who have been lifting objects, even lightweight ones, should be vigilant for any symptoms such as fast heart rate, lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion, or pain in the shoulders. If these symptoms or any new changes develop, patients should have a complete evaluation from a physician.

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