Strategies For Treating And Preventing A Ruptured Spleen

Treat An Enlarged Spleen Promptly


To prevent a ruptured spleen, doctors often try to treat an enlarged spleen promptly. To diagnose an enlarged spleen, the physician will do a physical exam to measure the size of this organ and check whether it can be felt. If the physician suspects the spleen is enlarged, this can be confirmed by an ultrasound or other imaging studies. Treatment for an enlarged spleen depends on the exact cause. If the enlarged spleen is due to bacterial infections, antibiotics may be given. If it is due to malaria or other parasitic infections, treating these infections can reduce the size of the spleen. If patients have no symptoms, physicians may recommend watchful waiting. This simply involves having follow-up appointments every six months to monitor the spleen’s size. For some patients, clinicians may recommend treating an enlarged spleen with surgical removal of the organ.

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