How To Effectively Lessen Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is most commonly the result of overuse, stress, tension, or a minor injury. When this is the case, the pain will typically affect just a few muscles or one part of the body, and thankfully, often have simple treatments available to relieve the pain effectively. If individuals are experiencing pain throughout their body, it is called systemic pain, and is most commonly caused by an illness, infection, or a side effect of medication. Systemic pain should be evaluated by a doctor.

No one wants to deal with muscle pain, regardless of the underlying cause. This is precisely why prompt and effective treatment is so important! The good news is there are quite a few treatments for muscle pain out there, and many are both simple and effective. Get to know the most common now.

Rest Affected Area


The first line of treatment for muscle pain is almost always to rest the affected area. This treatment is the most reliable one for minor injuries and strains. The majority of cases of muscle soreness will get better without needing a specific treatment in five to seven days. During this time, affected individuals should rest the muscle to allow it to heal. Muscle strains can occur if individuals overtax their muscles or perform repetitive movements, which can cause them to feel like their muscles are sore or like a nerve is pinched. If a patient's muscle soreness and pain hasn't improved after a week, they should talk to a doctor. It may be difficult for individuals to rest if they're an athlete or have a job that requires manual labor. However, continuing to use an injured muscle can cause the injury to become much more serious. If a muscle or tendon becomes badly torn, patients may experience excruciating pain, and some tears can only be repaired through surgery.

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Katherine MacAulay