How To Effectively Lessen Muscle Pain

Apply Cold Or Warm Compresses


One thing that can help relieve muscle pain is to apply cold or warm compresses. Whether to pick ice or heat varies depending on a few factors, including the type of muscle injury involved. There are two types of injury: chronic and acute. Chronic injuries are ones that develop over time and take a while to heal. The most common causes of chronic injuries are repetitive motions or improper healing of a previous injury. Acute injuries, on the other hand, come on suddenly. They’re usually the result of an impact or trauma. An acute injury must have occurred within the prior forty-eight hours. Researchers recommend using ice to treat acute injuries, as ice numbs the nerve endings and reduces pain. It also lowers swelling by constricting the blood vessels. Heat shouldn’t be used on an acute injury or an inflamed injury because it increases circulation. For chronic injuries without inflammation, though, heat is a good option. The increased blood flow allows blood cells to deliver nutrients and oxygen that speed the healing process. Heat can also be used before a workout to increase circulation during exercise.

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