How To Treat Occipital Neuralgia

Take Pain Medication


As a first step during an occipital neuralgia headache, it’s worth trying over-the-counter pain solutions such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. For severe flare-ups, however, patients may wish to take prescription pain medication. Thus, they must consult with a physician for the best course of treatment. Doctors may start with medications intended to reduce inflammation and relax muscles, though they may recommend stronger medications for severe occipital neuralgia. These stronger choices include antidepressants or medications to prevent seizures in epilepsy. More serious steps to control occipital neuralgia include getting an occipital nerve block. In this procedure, the doctor will inject a local anesthetic along the occipital nerve. The nerve block can last for up to twelve weeks, and the procedure can be repeated as necessary.

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