How To Deal With Your Cat's Claws

A cat's claws are a vital part of their anatomy. They're more than simply the equivalent of a human's nails; they're tools cats use for protection, climbing, balancing, and more. It's imperative that owners make sure their cat's claws are healthy by inspecting them regularly and keeping them trimmed. They should also provide a safe place for the cat to sharpen their claws. Doing so makes it less likely that the cat will turn to destructive behavior like scratching the furniture. If a cat does display unwanted scratching, there are many options for correcting that behavior.

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Invest In A Scratching Post


Cats need something to scratch, as it's one of their most basic, primal instincts. In the wild, they scratch trees and logs to mark their territory. Your indoor kitty feels the same need to claim their space. The act of scratching helps shed the outer layer of their claws, keeping their claws healthy. If you don't offer something for your cat to scratch, they'll use the next best thing, which could be your furniture, carpet, and maybe even you! To solve this problem, invest in a scratching post. If your cat likes to scratch a particular piece of furniture, put a scratching post near it and encourage them to use that instead. They come in a variety of styles. Traditional ones are vertical and covered with carpeting. There are also horizontal posts, boards, and more. If your cat doesn't take to one type of scratching post, try getting a different type.

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HealthPrep Staff