What To Do If Your Hamster Has Babies

Young hamsters grow rapidly; some breeds reach sexual maturity when they are just four weeks old. Baby hamsters, however, will need to be cared for gently, as they are fragile. Baby hamsters are born helpless; they are naked, blind, deaf, and have thin skin. Caring for baby hamsters starts with caring for their mother. She will need a diet high in protein and fat while she is pregnant and nursing her young. You should, therefore, give her nutritious foods like cheese, nuts, carrots, greens, and hard-boiled eggs. Pregnant hamsters stockpile their food, so make certain the mother doesn’t hoard anything perishable. You should also take her to the vet for a health check.

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Put The Cage In A Safe And Quiet Spot


After the vet has confirmed your hamster is pregnant, you need to prepare her cage for the new arrivals. You should do this well before she has her babies, as she will become increasingly nervous as her due date approaches and upsetting her could cause her to reject her babies. Put the cage in a safe and quiet spot to avoid upsetting the family. Remove any other adult hamsters, as the expectant mother will not want company and fights between the adults could endanger the babies. A male hamster can also get the mother pregnant while she’s still looking after her current litter.

Remove the hamster wheel and other toys to prevent fatal accidents. Give the mother soft and light materials like toilet paper or facial tissues to use for nest-building. Keep the temperature at around seventy degrees Fahrenheit, as newborn hamsters can’t yet regulate their body temperature. Alternatively, you can use a heating pad.

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