Health Benefits Of Agility Training For Dogs

Chances are, you’ve seen dogs doing agility training either on television or in-person. You probably marveled at the way dogs of different breeds and sizes quickly worked their way through a course full of jumps, tunnels, teeter-totters, weaving poles, and A-frames. Teaching your dog to do an agility course can be a great way to keep your dog in shape and healthy. It doesn’t have to be a challenging course either. It can be a simple course with five or six obstacles your dog runs a few times per day. Besides keeping your dog in shape, it can be a fun way for you to spend time with your favorite canine!

Check out a few of the health benefits of agility training for dogs.

A Great Form Of Exercise


Agility training allows your dog to exercise in several different ways. To make their way through an agility course, a dog must jump, run, walk, climb, pivot from side to side, and slow their pace. All of these movements allow a dog to burn fat, strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and maintain flexibility. When a dog has to climb an A-frame, go over the top and make their way down again, they have to use the muscles in both their back and front legs. Plus, when a dog goes through the weaving poles, they have to coordinate the movement of their hips as well as shoulders to make sure they go through every space. Every time your dog goes through an agility course, their heartbeat goes up and they burn fat. This is aerobic exercise that can be fun and exciting for a dog. Besides, exercise can help dogs lose excess weight, which can only help their overall health.

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HealthPrep Staff