How To Treat Ear Infections In Puppies

Just like human babies, puppies can be vulnerable to ear infections. The symptoms of ear infections in dogs include whining, shaking or tilting of the head, pawing at the ears, discharge, and odor coming from the ears. The condition is often caused by proliferating bacteria, yeast, or impacted wax, which leads to inflammation, infection, and discomfort for your furry friend. Some dogs are more prone to ear infections than others, such as dogs with floppy ears or water dogs who love to swim. Ear infections can be very painful, but they’re quite treatable as long as you get to the vet in the early stages of the infection. If you suspect your new puppy has an ear infection, here is what you need to do.

Thorough Cleaning At The Vet's Office


The first intervention for a puppy ear infection is a visit to the veterinarian. The doctor will first examine your puppy’s ears to confirm an infection and determine the right course of treatment. Then, they will cleanse your puppy’s ears with a medicated solution. If your puppy is in a lot of pain, the vet can also provide a sedative to make them more comfortable. A thorough cleaning at the vet's office can help clear your puppy’s ears to kick-start the healing process. It also serves as a demonstration for the owner on how to safely clean a dog’s ears. A puppy with an ear infection must have their ears cleaned regularly at home, so the owner must learn how to do it the right way.

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HealthPrep Staff