Why Cats Fart And How To Treat It

Every cat owner is fully aware of their pet’s regular habits and behaviors. Felines are usually naturally clean, fastidious animals. But every so often cats get gassy, and though the occasional fart is expected and considered quite normal, lots of stinky releases from your cat may mean there’s a problem. Kitty farts aren’t always noisy either, but even if they are silent, they still may be extremely obvious. If your cat seems to be farting more than usual or their tummy is gurgling a lot, one of the following might be the cause. Once the underlying cause is determined, it's crucial to turn to treatment to help your cat get healthy and lessen the frequency of their farts.

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Cats are rather famous for hairballs. The same grooming that keeps them so clean and neat can lead to clumps of hair stuck in their digestive system. Not surprisingly, this leads to intestinal upsets. When the clumps of matted fur start interfering with digestion, your kitty may end up with extra gas to release. You can help prevent this problem by brushing them regularly and making sure they drink plenty of water. Often cats solve the problem themselves by coughing up the hairball. But if the problem continues, look into over-the-counter treatments or see your vet.

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HealthPrep Staff