10 Factors That Can Lead To Impotency

Impotence, or lack of ability to achieve or maintain an erection, is not something on the top of most men's conversation lists. There is no one single cause, and in many cases, there can be more than one factor contributing to impotence. Sometimes it is a combination of physical and emotional issues. The common problem affects about fifty percent of men aged forty to seventy, according to The Merck Manual, and the risk increases with age.

10. Obesity

Indulging in a lifestyle full of food high in saturated fats, combined with a lack of physical activity, is one of the main causes of obesity. For men, excessive weight can lead to impotency. A study was conducted among normal weight, overweight, and obese men and found that the more obese a man, the less testosterone he had. The obese men also tended to have high incidences of high blood pressure, another contributor to erectile dysfunction.



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