7 Common Skin Disorders

If you find yourself with some type of skin irregularity and are questioning what exactly it might be, then you are not alone. Most men and women deal with some type of skin problems at least once throughout their lives. Figuring out what your condition is and seeking out the right treatment is important in keeping yourself healthy. Here are some common skin disorders. Check them out and see if their symptoms apply to you.

7. Cold Sores

Man with cold sore
© Loganban | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Cold sores typically appear somewhere near your mouth and can last well over a week. If you have been feeling stressed out lately or if your body is experiencing some hormonal changes, then those blisters on your face are likely cold sores. Excessive exposure to sun and high body temperatures are causes, as well. Be sure to get them treated right away, as they are very contagious.