Effective Ways to Manage Rosacea

For those who suffer from the chronic facial skin condition known as rosacea, you know how complex and challenging the symptoms can be. Unfortunately, the cause is not entirely understood, and in turn, a cure has not been developed. With that being said, there are steps that you can take to manage your symptoms better. The following five tips will help you reduce flare-ups, based on common triggers.

5. Be Careful When Exposed to Sun and Wind

Tan woman applying sun protection lotion

The weather is one of the most common triggers amongst those with rosacea, especially hot, humid, and windy conditions. Even slight exposure to the sun causes some individuals to break out in an itchy, bumpy rash. If you need to be outdoors when sun exposure is the strongest (10 am to 2 pm), source an all-natural sunscreen.

On humid days, try to stay indoors where it’s cooler. Also, stay hydrated and pat face with a cool, damp cloth. During the winter months, when the dry wind tends to pick up, ensure you cover your face while outdoors. A thick scarf or ski mask are recommended, as well as a natural facial moisturizer used daily.