Guide To Preventing And Treating A Pilonidal Cyst

Take Regular Sitz Baths


Though draining or surgery is the only way to actually get rid of a pilonidal cyst, there are some things patients can do to reduce pain and swelling until their medical procedure is scheduled. A sitz bath is a common pilonidal cyst home remedy. This is a type of bath where an individual soaks the affected area in warm water. Individuals can get a small, round basin just for sitz baths, or they can simply use the bathtub. Soaking in plain water can greatly ease pilonidal cyst symptoms, but individuals can also add salt or baking soda to the water if desired. This can increase soothing and have mild antibacterial effects. If an individual plans on taking regular sitz baths, they should be sure to gently pat the area dry afterward. Avoid rubbing it, as this may further worsen the cyst.

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