How To Prevent And Treat Dermatographia

From eczema to keratosis pilaris to everything in between, there are individuals all over the world who must be extra careful with their skin every day. They cannot use specific products, take hot showers, and they live with antihistamines in their medicine cabinets for emergencies. Skin conditions can be difficult to live with, and dermatographia is one of those skin conditions that causes discomfort to those who live with it. It’s a condition in which even the lightest scratch to the skin can turn red, raised, and begin to look like a hive. Most patients who live with this condition don’t live with much pain. The hive-like appearance of these scratches disappear in under an hour, but the discomfort is there. Here’s how dermatographia is treated and prevented.

Use Fragrance-Free Products


One of the most common causes of skin irritation in individuals with almost any type of skin condition is fragrance. It’s used in products to help make them smell appealing, but it can be damaging to very sensitive skin. If individuals want to help prevent dermatographia from occurring, it’s helpful to use fragrance-free products. Moisturizer, lotion, sunscreen, makeup, and even deodorant with fragrance can cause instant irritation, particularly in patients who suffer from dermatographia. Unfortunately, the cause of this skin condition is not known. Medical professionals believe many individuals experience this because of allergies, but they’ve been unable to pinpoint what kind of allergen causes dermatographia. However, rubbing the skin is an irritant, which means anything from stress to sweat to an emotional reaction can cause a flare-up.

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