Ways Of Treating A Hypertrophic Scar

A hypertrophic scar is a raised and thick type of scar. Some individuals have a genetic tendency, as their bodies make too much collagen when healing injuries, to develop hypertrophic scars after being injured. Anyone can get a hypertrophic scar under certain conditions, however, such as after having an infected wound or not having stitches in a serious injury. Although hypertrophic scars do not pose any health risks, many individuals do not like the appearance of them and would prefer to have them removed. There are many different ways to treat hypertrophic scars and reduce their appearance. Get to know them now.

Laser Therapy


If a hypertrophic scar is recent enough, laser therapy can be a very useful tool in reducing the scar’s appearance. Lasers can smooth raised scars and can also diminish the redness or pinkness a lot of newly formed hypertrophic scars have. The downsides of laser treatment are it can be very expensive, and it also requires the patient to find a specialist in laser treatment, and it may be difficult to find one who is available. Also, some studies show laser therapy is not as effective as other treatments. When it does work, it can be anywhere from fifty-seven to eighty-three percent successful at improving the way the hypertrophic scars look.

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