Ways To Effectively Treat Catathrenia

Catathrenia is a condition that occurs when an individual groans in their sleep. The phenomenon occurs with relative rareness and hasn't been well documented so far. The groaning might be loud and often occurs every night for long periods. Though it might occur with any sleep stage, it appears to be most common with deep sleep and REM sleep. Some studies have shown subjects experience breaks in their groaning when they shift sleeping positions throughout the night. Catathrenia happens on an exhale, unlike snores, which occur during an inhale. The groans aren't related to sleep-talking and don't appear correlated with breathing issues. They also aren't correlated with bad dreams. The groaning can disturb the patient's sleeping partners though.

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Use A White Noise Machine


Catathrenia doesn't appear to have any significant effect on a patient's quality of sleep. Like snoring, the condition doesn't always need to be evaluated by a specialist. Individuals who are disturbed by their partner's groaning might benefit from using a white noise machine. White noise can also come from household appliances like an air purifier, air conditioner, humidifier, or fan. Most individuals associate white noise with television static. Though this static can be irritating at high volumes, a comfortable amount of white noise can help with sleep. White noise provides a constant thrum in the background that masks sharp sounds that interrupt sleep. This makes individuals less likely to wake up due to the neighbor's dog barking, sirens in the distance, cats running around the house in the middle of the night, or their partner groaning loudly.

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Katherine MacAulay