Ways To Treat Night Sweats

You’re in a deep sleep when suddenly you wake up to find yourself drenched as if you have just climbed into bed after a hot shower. Unfortunately, it’s not something as pleasant as this, but rather you are covered in perspiration. Your night clothes are drenched, and the bedding soiled. This is not as uncommon as some individuals might think. There are a variety of factors that trigger night sweats. The first step is to make sure there is no underlying cause such as a medical condition. Once you have established your night sweats are related to external conditions, you can then take steps to help alleviate the problem at hand.

Avoiding Triggers


While there are various health conditions or diseases that can cause night sweats, there are times when they are brought on by other factors. Certain aspects of your daily life may trigger an episode of night sweats, and the key is avoiding these triggers by finding out what they are. Certain medications, especially those that treat depression, can have this side effect, and you may want to consult a doctor if this could be the case for you. Anxiety and stress can also be a cause. Calming the mind and body before bed-time, through methods like yoga or aroma therapy, can help relieve this issue.

Eating spicy foods before sleep may also be a trigger, and as such, avoiding these foods later in the evening is recommended. Exercising right before sleep may also be a contributing factor. Keeping a diary is a good idea in determining what your trigger may be. Recording your stress level, what you ate before bed, and anything else of significance the day before you experience the night sweats will help you determine what your triggers are.

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