Natural Ways To Treat Diarrhea And Upset Stomachs

An upset stomach and diarrhea can go hand-in-hand or occur as separate conditions. When experienced at the same time, the cause could be food poisoning, an illness such as the flu, or a parasite. Upset stomachs are common, especially among children, and are also the result of a number of different scenarios, including overeating, stress, and indigestion. As long as the issue is not a serious medical concern, there are a number of natural self-care remedies to try at home.

Carrot And Mint


A juice made of carrot and mint is suggested as a healthy home remedy to soothe the stomach. This root vegetable is available all-year-round and is handy when the flu comes around. Take four cups of sliced carrots and boil them in four cups of water, together with one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves or teabag, for fifteen minutes. Blend the mixture and drink with a touch of ginger or lemon juice for additional flavor.

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