Causes Of Stomach Spasms

When stomach spasms strike, the abdominal muscles, intestines, or stomach is contracting. Depending on which body party is spasming and to what degree, it could have been a sensation like a slight twitching of a muscle or it might feel like full-blown stomach cramps. In most situations, stomach spasms by themselves are harmless. They might, however, be a symptom or sign of an underlying condition. Many possible causes for stomach spasms exist, and while most cases of spasming stomachs do not do damage to the body, the following causes of stomach spasms can be troublesome if not treated.



Dehydration is the condition in which the body lacks sufficient water to properly function. While mild cases of the condition might be merely uncomfortable, more severe cases can lead to seizures, blood clots, and other complications that are potentially fatal. Of course, there must be prompt treatment for severe cases of dehydration, but even mild cases can have adverse impacts on energy and mood. Signs of dehydration aren't always obvious, like fatigue and thirst. Bad breath can result from a lack of sufficient saliva production; dry skin that might be flushed in appearance is another indication. But the imbalance of bodily electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, can cause stomach spasms. Muscles need these nutrients to correctly function, so when they lack sufficient amounts, they might begin to spasm and seize up. Other symptoms of dehydration are dark urine, headache, extreme thirst, and dizziness.

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HealthPrep Staff