Why You Should Get Your DNA Tested

Genetic, or DNA, testing appears to be all the rage these days, with numerous websites advertising for individuals to ‘discover their roots today,’ and to learn more about their ancestry and health. With so many affordable, at-home kits available on the market today is getting your DNA tested truly worth it? Get ready to dig deep into your roots and discover the benefits and limitations of DNA testing and if it is the right choice for you.

What Is DNA Testing?


DNA testing is a type of medical test that identifies and characterizes changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins within a human being. Specifically, it analyzes the genetic code carried in every person’s DNA and can be found in the cells of any human material, from a smear of blood to a strand of hair, or a drop of saliva. Simply put, DNA testing works by taking a sample of cells from an individual, and scientists isolate the DNA code at the core of every single cell carrying the information that determines your physical characteristics and the possibility of developing certain conditions. The results of a DNA test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition and help an individual determine if they have a chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder to their offspring.

What types of genetic tests are available on the market today for consumers? Keep reading to discover the answer!