Effective Coping Techniques to Use When You Are Feeling Down

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Depression is hard to snap out of. It is an energy drainer that can affect many personal and professional relationships. The key to overcoming depression is to make small changes and positive choices daily. It takes action to fully recover from depression. Sometimes the mere thought of doing things to help break the mood is exhausting. Starting with a few small goals and slowly building up is the best technique that can be used when feeling blue.

5. Confide in Others
It is hard to fight depression alone. Isolation can make things worse. Create relationships with others to ensure there is a support system handy when needed. Consider turning to friends and family members that are loving and caring enough to confide your feelings. Even if a night inside sounds better than going out, it is worth it to make an effort to go out and be social. There are also support groups available for those dealing with depression.

4. Physical Activity
Exercise is a great alternative to antidepressants. But there’s no need to join a gym just to stay active. Parking your car farther from your destination will do just fine. Take walks before or after work. Bike riding is also great exercise that can be done with low impact. Or bring a friend along and go bowling if the weather outside is bad. Turn on some music and tackle chores around the house if going out is not a possibility. Stairs are free to use and provide great physical activity.

3. Think Positive Thoughts
When negative thoughts start creeping in, change them or challenge them. Ask yourself what someone else might think about your thoughts. If they seem unreasonable, cut yourself some slack. Tell yourself that it is perfectly acceptable not to be perfect. It does not hurt to socialize with positive people either. Being around positive energy may bring your mood up too.

2. Practice Healthy Habits
It is hard to get out of a funk if sleeping has been hard at night or sugary foods have been making their way into your diet. Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Drink lots of water and cut out all refined sugar, which causes damaging inflammation that may be causing depressive thoughts.

1. Participate in Happy Things
As the saying goes, “Fake it until you make it.” Acting happy during times of depression can increase positive feelings. Doing joyful activities such as caring for a pet, walking through the park with a friend, volunteering or practicing meditation can be a mood enhancer. Keep busy by signing up for an event during a particularly tough weekend to prevent the opportunity for sadness to creep in.