How To Beat A Weight Loss Plateau

Once the weight starts to disappear during a weight loss regime, it often seems as if it’s just falling off at an incredibly rapid pace. The individual who wants to lose weight has abandoned the sugary drinks and junk food and has turned their attention to healthier options and exercise. Unfortunately, almost everyone who starts a routine to lose weight will encounter what is commonly referred to as a weight loss plateau. A weight loss plateau refers to the time when an individual’s weight loss slows down to a crawl or even stops completely. But what happens if this happens to you and you are not done with losing weight? The focus must be on how to change things up to beat the weight loss plateau.

Not sure how to do this? Start reading for the best strategies.

Adjust Calorie Intake


Losing weight requires a caloric deficit, meaning you have to burn more calories than you consume to see the pounds drop. But what many forget is as they lose weight, their body needs fewer and fewer calories to maintain itself. What this means is consuming the same number of calories on day ninety of the weight loss regime as day one means you will not keep losing weight. A larger caloric deficit is needed to continue losing weight, especially at the same rate.

The best way to determine how many calories you should now be consuming to lose weight is by taking a metabolic test at a dietitian’s office or a gym that provides the service. This test determines your body’s resting metabolic rate, which is how many calories it burns at rest. If you are unable to have this test done, try slowly reducing your caloric intake every few weeks until you are back on track. A reasonable estimate to start with is reducing it by one hundred to two hundred each time. With that in mind, do not go below 1,200 calories a day, as this can have the opposite effect and slow your metabolism, prevent weight loss, and put your body in danger.

As we know, calories are only one part of the equation when it comes to weight loss. Continue reading to learn how to use exercise to beat a plateau.