Best Strategies For Maintaining Weight Loss

Losing weight is always tricky, and one of the hardest parts about this for individuals is actually keeping the pounds off once they lose them. The sad reality is many individuals can do a great job of dieting and exercising, but once they reach their goal weight, they get off track and start gaining weight again. This tends to happen because countless individuals get tired of following a restrictive diet and fall back into old, unhealthy patterns. A constant cycle of losing and gaining weight puts a lot of strain on the body, so it is important to avoid this whenever possible. If individuals want to actually maintain their weight loss, here a few strategies proven to work.

Keep Exercising Regularly


One of the biggest keys to maintaining weight loss is staying active. Individuals need to keep exercising regularly because it helps build muscle, and the body burns more calories even at rest when it is trying to maintain muscle tissue, so having an overall higher amount of muscle means the individual's metabolism is actually higher. In addition to building calorie-burning muscle, exercise also helps burn calories whenever individuals do it. This means they can technically eat more calories without gaining weight if they are exercising regularly. Taking the time to exercise often means individuals can have a cookie or soda every now and then without ruining their weight loss. However, they should keep in mind there is a big danger to overestimating how many calories the body burns through exercise. Exercise stimulates the appetite, so many individuals undo all their hard work by overeating after a workout. The average calories burned during a typical half-hour gym session are usually just somewhere between ninety to 350 calories.

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HealthPrep Staff