Health Risks Of Being Inactive

Being inactive is terrible for one's health. The major problem with living a sedentary lifestyle is many individuals fail to realize it affects much more than just their waistline and the number on a scale. Those who live an inactive lifestyle but maintain a good metabolism might not think they need to be active. Those who don’t like to work out think they’ll just eat better and hope that helps. Others aren’t sure they have time. They don’t know they can work out and still feel good about what they are doing.

Being inactive often comes from a place of fear and complacency, as well as a feeling of being overwhelmed and the perceived inability to find time to get active. It’s time for everyone to understand what they are doing to their body when they don’t live an active lifestyle.



Being obese is the most common health issue associated with being inactive. If individuals don’t move their bodies, they run the risk of gaining weight, and when one gains weight, they don’t feel good about their body. However, individuals might not realize they have some serious health problems to deal with, such as if they are unsure about what obesity is, they may not realize they suffer from it.

Being obese means there is a build-up of excess body fat under the skin and around the organs. It is important to note individuals don’t need to be excessively overweight to be considered obese. All it takes to receive this diagnosis is for a person to have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. If someone suffers from weight problems, they should speak to their doctor about getting active and fit. All it takes is an additional twenty-five pounds for someone to fall into the obese category.

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HealthPrep Staff