Convenient Hacks To Avoid A Cold This Winter

There are over two-hundred viruses that contribute to colds and flu. Every year, adults get two to four colds each year, whereas children can get as many as five to ten due to not having built up an immunity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that the flu kills an estimated two-hundred-fifty-thousand to five-hundred-thousand each year. The peak month for flu activity for the past two years has been in February, followed by December, March, and January. With these winter months coming up, it is essential to know how to avoid and treat the cold and flu.

Wash Hands And Sanitize

One of the best ways to avoid a cold this winter is by keeping good hygiene. It is imperative that hands are washed after every time a handshake is encountered. However, hands can never be too clean, so they should be washed as often as possible. Another way to keep good hand hygiene is by keeping and using sanitizing gel or alcohol-based hand wipes. However, wipes that are not alcohol-based will not be as effective.

The proper way to wash hands is by wetting them with clean running warm water, lathering with soap while singing happy birthday twice, or for a minimum of twenty seconds, and then rinsing them under warm or hot water once again.