Guide To The Symptoms Of Mumps

Mumps is a highly contagious viral infection affecting the salivary glands of the throat. This condition was historically very common until the vaccination was developed and made routine for children. Since then, the number of cases has dropped dramatically, though outbreaks do still occur in close-contact settings and in those who have not received the vaccine. Complications, such as hearing loss, can arise from mumps, particularly if it is left untreated.

For most individuals, though, mumps will present with several of the following common symptoms.

Muscle Aches And Headaches


Individuals suffering from mumps will often experience muscle aches and headaches. In fact, they are typically some of the first symptoms to arise once an individual has become infected with the virus. This is because the initial onset of mumps produces symptoms very similar to those associated with the flu. When the body is exposed to an infection, it sends a slew of white blood cells to the primarily affected area to fight the virus. This is what causes the body to feel achy and weak, both in the muscles and in the head.

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