Overview Of The Symptoms Of Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia is a life-altering disorder that affects up to six percent of the general population. Unfortunately, symptoms are often elusive and difficult to pinpoint. It is also called developmental coordination disorder because it affects the coordination and movements of patients. However, these are not the only symptoms of dyspraxia. A wide range of mental and physical problems can occur, though some are more common or severe than others. Symptoms typically begin in childhood when they are at their worst, but difficulties can last a lifetime. 

Every patient will require dyspraxia treatment. However, it is vital to note that treatment for dyspraxia is for symptom management, as this condition is currently incurable. Many patients will receive occupational therapy for dyspraxia. Some individuals have also undergone cognitive behavioral therapy for dyspraxia. A common natural remedy for dyspraxia is to get regular exercise, which can make symptoms more manageable. However, patients need to understand the symptoms of dyspraxia before treatment for it to be effective.

Poor Posture 


One of the more apparent symptoms of dyspraxia is poor posture. Many different factors influence this symptom. Children with this condition seem to experience poor posture more than adults. However, any dyspraxia patient can have this symptom. One possible reason for this is that both muscle tone and learning are affected in most patients with this disorder. Posture and movement are often learned at a young age through imitating others. The ability to imitate and learn how to stand correctly can be more difficult for dyspraxia patients because this condition affects their learning and other cognitive abilities. 

Weak muscle tone in this condition can also contribute to poor posture because individuals use postural muscle tone to stand straight and balance themselves. Doctors often attempt to use strength training and neuromuscular training to correct this in dyspraxia patients. However, there are differing opinions in regards to the effectiveness of these treatments.

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