Foods That Can Trigger Depression Symptoms

Depression is a disorder characterized by various biological, psychological and environmental factors that contribute to the abnormal activity of certain neural signaling pathways, which may cause feelings of sadness, fatigue, lack of interest, low self-esteem, and in some cases, thoughts of suicide. Although many medications and therapies are available to help treat depression, diet plays a significant role in brain health. Foods high in refined sugars and carbohydrates contribute to depressive symptoms while organic fruits and vegetables alleviate them.

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Most individuals start the day with a cup of coffee to increase their energy in the morning. Caffeine, however, can become addicting, which may increase feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and depression. It can also increase an individual's heart rate and feelings of uneasiness and make them feel jittery. Not to mention, caffeine can interfere with an individual's sleeping pattern as well. If an individual believes caffeine is triggering symptoms of depression, they should slowly cut caffeine out of their diet, and try alternative beverages instead. Green tea is an excellent alternative as it contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory properties while providing a lower amount of caffeine. Turmeric tea is even better for improving an individual's mood as well.

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