How To Develop An Effective Diet

Whether it’s January or July, individuals can change their diet and exercise plan. If you do not already have a plan, now is the time to make one. Creating both proves key to success. Simply changing one's diet won’t help, just as simply exercising won’t change things. Individuals must combine a healthier, sensible diet with exercise to improve their health, change their body, lose weight, or add muscle. Also, all diets are not created equal, and individuals need a plan customized for their current weight and height. One person's necessary, healthy daily caloric intake varies from the next, which means the breakdown of needed fat, protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients also vary. Follow these steps to create a diet and exercise plan that works for you.

Define The Goal


Define the goal first. Would you like to lose fat, build muscle, lower cholesterol levels, just feel better? Each item requires a different diet plan. This goal may change over time, which means you will need to change your plan when or if this happens. A doctor may have told you to regulate your blood sugar for health reasons. This too requires a different diet. Your goal determines what type of exercise plan you’ll need as well. You may even have a combined goal. Perhaps you’d like to lose weight and build muscle simultaneously. This goal is done in stages: first losing weight and then building muscle.

Keep reading to learn more about developing an effective diet now.

HealthPrep Staff