What Foods And Drinks Break A Fast?

Many weight loss diets include periods of partial or total fasting, and individuals may incorporate fasting into their diet because of the way it makes them feel. For others, fasting may have a religious or cultural element behind it. It's impossible to fast forever, and between periods of fasting, it's important to consume the right foods. This is called breaking a fast. Because the body goes through so many drastic metabolic and digestive changes when individuals don't eat, it's vital or them to be careful with how they introduce foods back into their system. Some foods are better for the body than others. It's also important to note certain supplements, beverages, and foods can break a fast, but some have barely any impact at all.

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Adding Sugar Or Cream To Coffee Or Tea


While fasting, individuals should be able to consume coffee and tea without a problem, as both of these beverages are low in calories, and they may confer benefits that improve the success of the fast. Coffee and highly caffeinated teas can help individuals feel fuller. However, individuals shouldn't add sugar or cream to their coffee and tea during the fast. Avoiding this means the drink will likely be more bitter than what many are used to, unless they already take it black. When first introducing food back into the body following a fast, one of the best ways is to for individuals to incorporate sugar and cream into their coffee and tea. Sugar gives the body energy in the form of carbohydrates, while milk and cream offer energy through fats. For some individuals, adding a little bit of fat or milk can help curb their hunger during a fast. It can also help the beverages to settle more easily on an empty stomach.

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Certain types of oil, such as avocado or olive, can break a fast. At the same time, there are other kinds of oil individuals can consume during their fast without having a significant issue. Algae and fish oil are unlikely to break a fast as long as individuals consume them in normal doses. Normal doses of these supplements have only a few calories and don't include any digestible carbs. Branched-chain amino acids, otherwise known as BCAAs, should be avoided in oil or other forms while fasting because they cause an insulin response that keeps individuals from losing weight effectively. Expert opinions are divided on some other types of oil and whether they break a fast. For example, MCT oil technically breaks a fast since it's not black coffee, tea, or water. But clinically speaking, it shouldn't have a great enough impact on the metabolism to stop weight loss.

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