The Surprising Health Benefits Of Matcha

Increased Energy Without Jitters

GuardianPetsittersCaffeine is a popular way to boost energy quickly, which is why many individuals begin their day by consuming a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, caffeine also results in what many refer to as the ‘jitters,’ which means feeling shaky. Caffeine can also cause nervousness, increase blood pressure to dangerous levels, and cause withdrawal symptoms due to reliance on it to get through each day.

However, matcha can boost an individual’s energy without causing these effects. Although green tea, including matcha, does contain some caffeine, it is not nearly as much compared to a cup of coffee. Furthermore, the energizing effects of matcha do not come from caffeine, but rather from the amino acid L-Theanine, which helps boost energy but also stabilizes the effects and provide the drinker with a sense of calm.

Continue reading to reveal the influence regular matcha consumption has on the immune system.

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